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Your solution to deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

Innovations & Impacts

The SHIELD Catheter Thrombectomy System is a next generation, multi-modal venous thrombectomy device designed to treat acute large-volume DVTs. The device is the first device to overcome the limitations of previous generation devices, all of which lead to significant peri-procedural morbidity and mortality in patients affected by large-volume DVT.

The SHIELD Catheter Thrombectomy System combines mechanical, chemical, and suction thrombectomy features for efficient fragmentation and evacuation of venous blood clots, and does so safely by isolating the thrombolytic drugs and thrombus microemboli within a defined treatment zone. The treatment zone is then cleared of these drugs and microemboli before venous flow is restored to the segment. These would improve clinical thrombectomy outcomes while limiting the risk of vein wall trauma, distal microembolization, peri-procedural blood loss. 

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